Behind the Lens

Our Photographers

Ben Horton


Ben Horton started his career as a photographer by taking photographs of places where other people simply couldn't go. The more remote the location, the harder it was to get there, the more appeal it had for the young upstart. It wasn't long before Ben moved on to working in the commercial world, and was picked up by some of the top names in fashion and advertising. As it goes, Ben's original passion caught ahold of him once again while shooting a documentary project on a remote island in the Pacific. Ben was awarded the first ever National Geographic Young Explorers Grant for work he did to expose the issue of shark poaching on Cocos Island and as a result, he was invited to join National Geographic Explorer in Residence Will Steger on a two month arctic adventure, using photography to document the effects of global warming. Ben is now a contributing photographer for National Geographic, and is currently working on the story of Genghis Kahn, Endangered Trees, and the Haitian earthquake recovery.

Devon Steigerwald


Camera in hand, Devon graduated at the top of her class, earning a BFA from Syracuse University. Devon developed her signature street photo style while living in NYC, and has developed it to encompass action sports and lifestyle photography. Devon’s style is distinguished by an ability to camouflage herself in the story, to blend in with the environment in order to capture a moment’s essence. As she says herself, “It’s the moments that seem impossible that make my photos actually possible.” Devon’s work has been featured on magazine covers and billboards around the world. The world’s largest action sports retail show, ASR, has featured her as their trendsetting artist. And most recently, Red Bull Illume named her one of the top photographers in the world and printed her work in the Book of Enlightenment. Truly an international artist, Devon enjoys the support of several worldwide companies like GoPro and PixelFlash.

Dmitry Steinbuchel


When he’s not producing and directing commercials, music videos, and independent films, you can usually find Dmitry working in some capacity on award winning movies. He’s recently lent his talents to such films as Shutter Island, Blood and Water, Darks and Whites, and Turns. Dmitry received his first best-picture award in 2004, at the Hollywood International Film Festival, and has since received 5 more awards and nominations from International Film Festivals. His acclaim and experience continue to grow as he currently collaborates with studios like Sony Pictures, Phoenix Pictures, ZOO Film, Comcast, and Warner Bros.

Gavin Von Karls


Gavin Von Karls is truly a master image-maker, an auteur whose fine art is in high demand by connoisseurs all over the world. Based in Los Angeles, Gavin’s commercial work is regularly published in miscellaneous magazines, articles, and online venues. Specializing in Beauty, Fashion, and Editorial genres, Gavin’s images uncannily transcend subject matter, breaking through the superficial and revealing the universal truths beneath.

Ron Samuels


Trained in the fine arts since high school, Ron matriculated at Drexel where he chose photography as his medium. Or, maybe it chose him. Either way, it was an inspired choice. Now, whether armed with his film or digital camera, Ron continues to grace us with images that clearly communicate just how uniquely he sees the world. In a short time Ron has amassed an impressive and diverse portfolio, with subjects ranging from fashion and beauty to street photography and the fine arts. Ron's work distinguishes itself through subject matter, original vision, and an absolutely unique sense of style.

It All Starts Here

Our Executive Team

Deshko Gynes

the founder and ceo

An interesting guy with a unique name, Deshko's a creator and producer that knows a great idea is nothing without proper execution. He discovered his entrepreneurial skills while building a number of creative businesses, including a successful recording and production studio in San Francisco. After recognizing the vast potential in the electronics world as it relates to the pro-audio industry, he dove into the hardware technology sector in the mid 2000s. The journey led to him to found PixelFlash in 2009. When he's not leading the team at PixelFlash, Deshko enjoys the Southern California sunshine and building on big ideas with folks who know how to make them a reality.

Brandon Parker

the mechanic, evp

Brandon lives in a nebulous middle ground, somewhere between the streets-friendly world of skateboarding and the buttoned-up world of information technology. Brandon established his initial foothold in the early days of the Internet, capitalizing on the y2k paranoia by marketing concrete bunker blueprints to end-times preppers. After the millennium quietly came and went, he turned his attention toward search engine marketing, building an enormous network of inter-related sites specializing in high-ticket, niche goods and services. With an encyclopedic knowledge of online marketing, Brandon moved into a strategic consulting role, helping launch eCommerce programs for brands like Callaway Golf, JL Audio, Suzuki, Mizuno, and Sanuk. When the opportunity to go head-to-head with the 800lb gorillas in the flash memory world was presented to him, Brandon answered with typical aplomb, saying, "What the hell? Let's do this."

Robert Gaitan

the numbers guy

Rob is often referred to as the "Swiss Army Knife" of finance. And it's not because he carries a corkscrew, can opener, and screwdriver around in his pocket. With over 10 years of high-level experience, along with a B.S in Business from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Rob's skills have been tapped by several Fortune 500 companies. But Rob's not always crunching numbers. When he pushes away from his desk, you can usually find him busting out block-rocking beats behind his two trusty turntables. He's rocked crowds across the country, and his rep as a best-in-class DJ is well known on both coasts.